Strengthen your small team with event management solutions

Amanda Silva

October 12, 2022

    Everyone loves a tiny-but-mighty hero who triumphs in the face of considerable challengers, despite their small size. The same goes for small staff organizations who feel limited on accomplishing what they want to achieve.

    Even the most effective event manager needs to be able to delegate, but when the tasks and responsibilities outnumber the heads on your team, it’s easy to feel daunted… and discouraged.

    Fortunately, there is a one-size fits all solution: event management technology.

    Today’s event management solutions equip teams of all sizes with the tools and strategies required to make amazing things happen. Finally, no matter the size of your team, you’re not limited by what you can achieve.

    Author James Clear magnifies the promise of event management solutions perfectly:
    “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

    Help your team level up and extend its efforts for events as big as you can imagine with event management solutions that give your team the system it needs to be successful. 

    The common struggles stressing your small staff

    Before we can explore the value of event management technology to a small staff, it’s important to first identify the common struggles challenging its success.

    Yes, a limited number of people on a team can restrict an event planner’s vision, but the trouble often is greater than just the size of the team.

    Perhaps the biggest challenge comes down to personality conflicts.

    What might start or seem like a small struggle can quickly escalate on a small team. Sometimes the conflict comes from a crushing sense of overwhelm, especially in a post-pandemic world where resources are often stretched or nonexistent and budgets are tight.

    Whatever the reason, on a small staff small slights can turn into significant trouble and really challenge the team’s ability to deliver memorable events for their attendees.

    Good news!

    Partnering with technology (no emotions, no potential for hurt feelings) means you can alleviate the stress of too many responsibilities from your small staff while also achieving more than when left to your own non-technological devices.

    The stress-free small staff solution: end-to-end event software

    Strengthen your small team with content management software that helps you innovate and streamline the learning and education aspects of your events.

    Whether your education program is hosted in-person, virtually or as a hybrid event, an end-to-end content management software simplifies all planning, including speaker and abstract management, credit issuance and claiming, reporting, and event logistics management.

    By relying on a robust platform, you can save your team significant time by simplifying processes for attendees and speakers with software that manages your event content, ensuring that attendees receive every credit they earn.

    A two-pronged approach to education management

    Your event is only as good as its content. Being able to access that content is yet another hurdle to jump so that attendees are given a valuable experience.

    Allow us to introduce the first pillar of our comprehensive platform, AI Evolution – your single destination for event content planning.

    With AI Evolution you can manage all your event’s content in a single space. This platform streamlines each step of the content planning process, which will make important actions like credit issuance and claiming quicker to organize.

    In addition, AI Evolution gives event planners and administrators — no matter how small their staff — the following benefits:

    • Easy abstract submission and review (your speakers will appreciate this)
    • Simple session and speaker management
    • Streamlined continuing education management
    • Enhanced event management for all involved

    Allow your CME Speakers to Shine

    Collect and review content submissions more efficiently while following accreditation standards. 

    The second pillar, HighMarksCE is a streamlined management in support of your CME/CE. This robust tool extends your team’s efforts, making it possible to accomplish so much more in a fraction of the time and
    take care of all CME/CE activity in one place. Between administering assessments, submitting surveys, or tracking credits, you can access all relevant data in this single database, which makes results comparison, participation analysis, and the creation of customized reports a breeze.

    On top of that, your small staff is also supported by features like:

    • Quick CE credit issuance
    • Easy accreditation management
    • Simple applications
    • Real-time reporting

    Attendee Interactive has more than 20 years of knowledge and customer support success to help organizations maximize their small staff, facilitated by leading technology and software that elevates the education experience for everyone.

    Our expertise and software solutions have helped small staffs across a variety of industry’s, including associations, corporations, healthcare, and higher education.

    Whether your team is determined to plan a simple, but impactful session or needs to manage multiple events effortlessly, our industry-leading suite of solutions will empower your efforts.

    The perfect partner for even pint-sized teams

    When you partner with Attendee Interactive you work with a team that will stand shoulder to shoulder with yours, providing project management and training from a dedicated project manager who serves as your primary point of contact.

    Part of the onboarding process involves your project manager creating your team’s project plan, complete with milestones and goals. They will also gather all requisite information and stand by to answer any questions or assist with any issues.

    Additional help dedicated to both your team and project manager is available and easy to access during normal business hours, courtesy of our customer support team.

    As the leader in cutting-edge conference management and CME accreditation software around the world, Attendee Interactive is the partner your small team needs to achieve big things.

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