How to manage session submissions and speakers for your next in-person event

To capture an audience and the level of desired learning is often dictated by continuing education requirements. How can you seamlessly get all the information you need to present a dynamic event? Events requiring in-depth practices, diverse subject matter, hands-on opportunities, and specialized activities, while considering all career stages can be complicated. Finding a submission management tool that allows you to streamline management of your submissions, review and more is ideal.

What is an example of ways to secure session management?

The former process would take months on end of manual labor, sending multiple speaker mailings to gather the right information you need. Along with the printing, the labeling, and then waiting for the post office, faxes or e-mailed responses to return. Once you receive it back – how do you then organize it and build it out for success? In many cases, emails get lost or are piling up too quickly for a small organization to keep up.

Finding the value in streamlining the collection and review process for your sessions is a priority. In order to reap the benefits, utilizing technology to manage your speakers will enhance everyone’s experience.

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The experienced meeting services team in Alexandria, VA highlights that by analyzing the features you desire and identifying your pain points you can then streamline the process and increase your productivity. Here are a few key features to look for to try to streamline your process:


Review exactly what content you need to include in your types of sessions and make sure your session management system can include those for you. Customization features that allow you to change session types for several options: Keynote, Plenary, Concurrent, Symposia, Workshops and more will simplify your process. Building your solution with the specifics in mind means you will not have to review irrelevant submissions when you are at the peak of the planning process.

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Content administration

Being able to manage presentations, categories, handouts, and other documents in one location shrinks the time it takes to process. Create a seamless experience and empower your team. Share the responsibility of building sessions with other event stakeholders by inviting them to collaborate or manage their own session(s). Logging in with their own credentials and completing the process right in your system gives them control and considers available speaker times, room assignments etc. allowing the same forum and format.

Content collection

Collecting content with a submission management tool allows you to have one location rather than obtaining it from emails, faxes, and the post office. You can utilize email templates to take the burden off your staff from having to reach out, while maximizing throughput potential. Include unique session specific forms in the template emails to ensure the right information is being collected in a convenient way. Allow designated users to enter and edit session titles, descriptions, objective information, and easily assign speaking roles.

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When receiving speaker and room location information, it is extremely easy for mistakes to happen. In most cases, you try to track the information instantly when received. Having a speaker double booked, or a room, can be catastrophic to the event when on site. Systems with notifications in real-time for speaker and room conflicts will reduce stress, and mistakes.


Submission management solutions also give your association complete control on the reviewer side. Again, using their credentials to log into the system allows you to then pick who will have access to reviewing your submissions and how they are rated. This secure location will strengthen the review process allowing you to collaborate with them at the same time.


Either when you are ready to obtain your content, or throughout your process it is important to be able to export. Some standard reports such as: Session Listings, Speaker Schedule, Speaker Availability, Conflict Report, Documents Submitted are examples. Collecting all the information to then export it when needed allows you to build your conference program and biography pages needed for selected speakers.

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With the right platform in place, you can seamlessly secure session management. If you are a conference planner or education leader in search of the best way to support speaker scheduling and management and more – Attendee Interactive is a great tool to help you do that.

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