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Event management

The Hammer Card has been chosen.

Thank you for playing, drawing the Hammer Card smashes your continuing education management. Watch our recent session on the event planner journey for insights on mastering attendee learning and events with tools to help support your CE efforts, increase non-dues revenue, and more.

Continue to advance down the board until you collect all the event solutions that reach your organization’s needs at the Conference Capital. The deck has one card for each solution, keep drawing cards to gain more resources!

The game ends when your challenges have been met and all that’s left to do is launch your best event yet.


Finally, all your meeting specifications in one place.

Streamline your event timeline, vendor lists, room specs, and more. Our robust tools give you the customization and flexibility to execute seamless events and eliminate manual organization.

comprehensive platform


Explore tools to deliver results while maximizing client’s time, their staff, and their budgets.

robust capabilities

Easy to use

Easily convert planning and event logistic details into an electronic format with AI Evolution’s event logistics module.

easy configuration


Share changes immediately with your staff and vendors while on-site so they can stay up to date.

Ready to advance two spots ahead?

Streamline your planning with event management technology meet your organization’s needs.

Manage it all in one place.

Explore our robust event management solutions to deliver results while maximizing your time, staff, and budget.