Content management love letter to stakeholders

Show some love for your event stakeholders with simplified content management

Why not think outside the box this Valentine’s Day. Show some love for your team with a simplified content management system that will make their efforts easier? 

We all know how important content submissions are. However, many event managers are still relying on inefficient platforms that waste both time and money. 

Consider the following our love letter to a software that facilitates easy content management and session management, all while increasing ROI in the process. 

With Attendee Interactive, your team can seamlessly solicit stronger speakers with expert management. 

We’ve been doing this for more than twenty years and are confident we know what it takes to love your content submissions and celebrate the speakers, educators, and planners who turn that content into memorable and meaningful events. 

An ode to easy content management

What does easy content management look like? 

It’s not only organization and a user-friendly process, it’s the ability to connect with the right people who will deliver the right content to your audience.

Ultimately, an easy or simplified content management system should help your team source strong speakers who, by definition, will provide your attendees with strong content. And strong content is where your association will realize increased ROI.

Rules of attraction: how to connect with strong speakers

Sourcing strong speakers for your next event is easier with technology that takes your — and their — efforts to the next level. 

In addition to a simplified and streamlined content management platform, Attendee Interactive’s event management solutions support meaningful and engaging networking opportunities. By providing your speakers with the tools they need to interact with attendees, before, during and after your event, you empower them to take greater ownership of their role within your event. 

In our experience, when people feel integral to an experience, they tend to bring more to the table. 

So, how can you simplify content management in order to secure and support strong speakers?

Before your event… 

Make the time to reach out to your speakers before the event and allow them to preview the schedule. During this time, you can offer to review their session content and do a few trial runs using the technology. In particular, you can test the interactive options like attendee polling, which can do wonders to increase engagement. 

During your event… 

Establish your team as a presence standing by to support your speakers, whether on the ground or virtually. 

Following your event… 

Solicit some feedback from attendees by distributing a survey, which you can then share with your speakers. You’ll also want to ensure that attendees and speakers are able to connect on a platform. This platform should provide messaging, discussion forums, and the ability to engage on relevant industry topics, post-event. 

Why speakers adore Attendee Interactive

Attendee Interactive’s speaker interface makes it possible for speakers to participate in content collection and management. 

It also provides the following speaker-specific features and benefits:

♥ Actionable reports

♥ Speaker form collection

♥ Speaker’s ability to upload documents and files

♥ Secure speaker login

♥ Assign speaker management by role

♥ Access to a dedicated “Speaker Center,” a single source for all event details, including real-time updates 

As an event organizer, you can use Attendee Interactive’s speaker management system to assign specific sessions to your speakers, based on their availability. Once assigned, you can empower them to manage all of their event content via the dedicated speaker dashboard. 

By using Attendee Interactive’s platform you can easily manage speaker assets from bios, headshots, and contact information, along with any pertinent attachments or documents. 

Empowering your speakers with the tools they need is a smart strategy to simplify content management. 

Check out this love note we received from Kris M, Administrative and Events Manager:

It was easy to collect over 1,000 posters for our 44th Critical Care Congress using Attendee Interactive’s ePosters solution. Presenters easily uploaded a PDF of their posters. Our attendees were thrilled they could access online versions onsite via ePoster terminals.❦

Now, what about managing those sessions

Session management has never been so satisfying

By relying on Attendee Interactive’s speaker management software you also have better control of session management, including the event schedule.

Don’t sweat a sudden change to your programming. Event technology makes it possible and easy to accommodate last minute shifts in your schedule. In other words, if you’re suddenly stood up by a speaker, you can swap out that session for something else and ensure attendee satisfaction in the process. 

In addition to the ability to make real-time updates to the event schedule, event managers can also streamline responsibilities by delegating and assigning tasks to team members or other stakeholders. 

As an event administrator, you can take advantage of Attendee Interactive’s session management solutions to create schedules that best align with speakers’ needs, while determining ideal room assignments, and keeping close track of speaker content. 

Delegate and collaborate on session creation by including all event stakeholders in each step of the session management process. 

Why do event managers adore Attendee Interactive’s session management solutions?

Thanks to capabilities like:

♥ creation and collection of unique session-specific forms

♥ the ability to empower users to create and manage their own sessions — independence, baby!

♥ the change to build and gain insight from actionable reports

♥ simplified management of attachments, documents, forms, handouts, and presentations

♥ access to real-time alerts and notifications about room conflicts or schedules changes

♥ real-time session monitoring

Check out this Valentine from Kristina Mechelic, CMP, Association for Financial Professionals:

I’ve enjoyed working with Attendee Interactive over the last few years. Their program makes it easy to plan out my annual city wide with over 200 functions. Every time I share my specs with vendors and partners, I always get compliments on how the information is so organized and easy to understand. That is in part to how I’m able to import information and formulate the kind of spec book I need to make sure everything is accounted for. ❦ 

Increased ROI? Check yes or no 

While the benefits of streamlined speaker and session management might seem obvious, we still get the question, but how do these benefits actually increase ROI for our organization? 

It’s simple, really. 

By taking the steps and integrating event technology to simplify content management, your team can reduce the number of staff hours and financial resources required to manage your event. 

Whether those saved hours translate as compensation or re-allocation of talent to other tasks, you’re doing more with the resources available to you, which translates as a boost to your ROI. 

Also, integrating innovative event technology like Attendee Interactive’s event management solutions makes a statement to your attendees that you take their experience seriously. You’re committed to delivering value by providing accessible content that matters to them. 

You also show professional appreciation and affection for your speakers and your team by making their jobs and involvement with your event easier and more enjoyable. 

All told, partnering with Attendee Interactive can be a real love fest for all involved. 

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