Automating conference abstract submission and review

Are you planning to accept abstract submissions for an upcoming conference? Depending on the size and scope of the event, you may face the unenviable task of reviewing hundreds of submissions.

Abstract submission management software enables you to automate the process, saving time and reducing the strain on staff members. You’ll improve organization and optimize results in several crucial areas.

Content collection automation

Abstract submission software enables you to gather the information you need to make informed decisions on the spot. Use it to develop a robust submission process featuring the criteria most important to your organization. You can also use it to manage the speaker invitation process more efficiently and establish specific rules by submission type. You’ll be able to centralize the data you collect, making it easier to manage than when trying to rely on multiple spreadsheets.

Automating payments and processes

Does your organization assess a fee for abstract submissions? Intuitive software programs enable you to manage the payment process more efficiently by making it easier for those submitting abstracts and alleviating the burden on your team. An advanced software platform also allows you to automate many other submission-related procedures previously performed manually.

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Coordination with multiple reviewers

You may need several team members to review abstract submissions, making it challenging to keep everyone on the same page. Abstract management software optimizes collaboration and improves organization in several ways. Use it to assign a unique role to each reviewer based on submission type. You can also provide access to individual portals where they can log on and view submissions at their convenience.

Managers and administrators can easily monitor the activities of each reviewer and track statuses in real time, enabling up-to-date accounting throughout the process. You can also assign designated project managers for larger events featuring a heavier submission load.

Tracking status, comments and scores

One of the most daunting abstract review steps is evaluating the quality of the submissions. While manual evaluations must still play a crucial role in the process, abstract submission management tools can lend a helping hand. Autoscoring software can help you establish scoring rules by assigning predetermined point values for basic features. The scores can supplement the reviewer’s manual findings, offering a more comprehensive abstract assessment.

You can also use software to gather, organize, and monitor comments throughout the abstract review activities, providing more insight into the process’s status.

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