Managing an abstract review with multiple reviewers

Small but mighty, an abstract provides a brief overview of the proposed contents of a speech at an academic or professional conference or similar event. A well-written abstract serves as a concise description of the information for event organizers to review. It’s more important than some people realize!

An abstract review is an evaluation of an abstract and it’s based on a wide range of predetermined criteria. As often happens, multiple individuals will engage in the review process to come to a consensus regarding the content’s quality and relevance.

Explore the benefits of using software

Abstract management software streamlines and simplifies the process of reviewing abstracts with multiple reviewers. Use a robust event content management platform to organize the process, even when hosting remotely.

Gain insights into how the right event technology can play a big role in your speaker management, and streamline your tasks.

How Does Abstract Submission Software Aid the Review Process?

Abstract management software enables you to clarify timelines, processes, and roles. You’ll be able to share information that allows all reviewers to understand the expectations and deadlines for every aspect of the project.

You can also create clear guidelines for reviewers to follow in these crucial areas:

  • Originality: Does the abstract demonstrate original thought and a unique perspective, or is the information nothing more than a quick rehash of the piece’s content?
  • Significance and relevancy: Does the information and data presented apply directly to the content, or do they take the reader in a different, unrelated direction?
  • Quality of the argument: Does the abstract state the case clearly and persuasively, or does it contain too much opinion or conjecture?
  • Structure of the argument: Is the abstract logical and easy to follow? Does it create confusion in the reader’s mind or fail to offer a convincing conclusion?
  • Style and presentation: Is the abstract well-written with an authoritative voice, or is the writing overly generic or simplistic?

Centralize Your Data and Ditch the Spreadsheets

Having easy access to all relevant data is crucial when managing abstract reviews with multiple reviewers. If you’re relying on old-fashioned spreadsheets when performing this task, you may be overlooking essential information or not collaborating effectively with all parties.

When you transition to an abstract management and peer review system, you will experience a noticeable increase in process efficiency. You’ll be able to keep all reviewers on the same page, leading to more reliable and consistent results.

Using this software enables you to manage all your content in one place — all abstracts, sessions, and speakers are located in one portal that your registered users can access at any time. You’ll also have the flexibility to plan for a one-time abstract review event or several activities throughout the year. You can even make changes and assign events via the system, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual updates.

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