5 requirements for efficient healthcare event logistics

EmTo attract healthcare professionals and drive attendance, your CME program should top notch. Keeping pace with the rapid advances and developments in healthcare can be difficult on a near daily basis. When you equip program managers and event planners with the knowledge and tools required to plan and execute successful healthcare event logistics, your event can better promote professional development, networking, and innovation in the healthcare industry.

A win for all!

No matter the size or location of your event, you have to take into account the following five healthcare event logistics requirements for your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors:

1. Transportation and travel arrangements

When you’re considering the event venue, you want to take into account its accessibility. How easy is it for event stakeholders to get there?

Focus on some practical considerations, such as:

  • Is public transportation available and reliable?
  • If the majority of your attendees will be driving themselves, does your venue offer ample parking?
  • If not, is there a valet service on site?
  • If so, will that service be validated for those who need to use it?
  • And what about those who need to travel by air?
  • Will your event manage transportation from the airport to the venue?

As with any event, transportation and travel arrangements are key, particularly when you consider any sensitive products or materials that might need to be carefully transported on a specific timeline.

Making travel and transportation as seamless for your attendees as possible inspires feelings of ease, trust, and appreciation.

2. Venue and equipment rentals

When you consider the technical requirements of the healthcare industry, it’s crucial that your event, specifically the venue and corresponding equipment, meet your audience’s needs.

Whether it’s AV capabilities, specific lighting, specially-sized tables, screens, microphones, projectors or reliable Wi-Fi, your audience will evaluate your event based on the venue’s amenities and equipment available to them.

3. Food and beverage services

More than just an accurate headcount to ensure you have enough food and beverages for everyone, you also need to take into account special dietary restrictions and allergies in order to provide appropriate options for all attendees.

4. Security and safety planning

Security and safety must be prioritized at any healthcare conference. This means educating your staff on emergency protocols and your attendees on pertinent safety issues, like emergency exits, evacuation routes, and what to do in the event of power failures on site.

Taking time to train your staff on immediate response to any emergency and the steps required to communicate the incident and expectations to attendees.

5. Staffing and volunteer coordination

A surefire way to blow your event budget is by overestimating the amount of staffing and volunteer support you need at your event.

On the flip side, a surefire way to disappoint and frustrate your attendees is by failing to have enough people on hand to answer their questions and provide guidance during your event.

As with any plan, a backup plan is key. So, if you discover mid-way through the event that a few staff members or volunteers have called out sick, make sure you have people standing by to fill their spots and ensure staffing remains smooth and strong.

Harness the power of healthcare event technology

Just as healthcare is constantly evolving, today’s healthcare event logistics technology solutions make it easier than ever to manage healthcare events and logistics with greater efficiency that yields outstanding results.

When evaluating event technology options, you’ll want to focus on finding a solution that features the following capabilities:

  • Application and review: The ability to collect submissions and review submission content quickly and easily, all while keeping in line with accreditation standards, elevates your healthcare event management almost immediately.
  • Activity and session management: Empowering healthcare event organizers to manage important event details, such as room assignments, speaker content and times, along with any changes or updates that occur in real-time.
  • Speaker management: The best healthcare event technology not only puts greater control in the hands of event organizers, but event speakers as well. With the right solution, speakers can manage their own content by accessing a dedicated speaker dashboard where they can find all the pertinent details regarding their presentation and event experience.
  • Credit and certificate issuance: Another hallmark of strong healthcare event technology is the ability of attendees to manage their own credits, no matter the source, and access their progress in a single space.
  • Accreditation management: By giving your staff the ability to manage accreditations in a single space, event technology platforms make accreditation management easier than ever before, saving time in the process.
  • Social Media Marketing and Engagement: Utilizing the power of social media to market and promote your event will drive extra engagement.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: When you have the tools to gather insights from data analytics and healthcare event management reporting, you can increase your success for the next event and determine key areas for improvement.

Enjoy better efficiency with the power of Attendee Interactive at your next healthcare event

Healthcare events are critical for the healthcare industry – and everyone who relies on medical professionals’ care. Planning and managing a healthcare event is no easy feat with everything required before, during, and after the event. But with the help of Attendee Interactive’s robust event technology, the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved will be streamlined.

Attendee Interactive’s event technology solutions are designed with conference planners in mind. For healthcare events specifically, the ability to streamline your submission process, select the right speakers, and issue credits allows your organization to access critical data to keep pace with the industry’s evolution with ease. Give your healthcare meetings premium coverage at your next event.

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