Managing speakers at a healthcare event

If you’re staging a healthcare conference or event, your choice of speakers is a pivotal decision. It’s crucial to find qualified individuals who are experts in their field and can engage your attendees. It’s especially important to locate a captivating keynote speaker who can attract a broad audience.

Managing speakers for healthcare events also requires attention to multiple details to ensure the conference runs smoothly and seamlessly. Utilizing advanced tools and resources can make the process easier and help you avoid potential mistakes.

The healthcare speaker management process

Effective speaker management for healthcare conferences requires achieving optimal results in several areas:

Calling for speakers

The call for speakers typically requires candidates to submit an abstract for review. Your process should empower prospective speakers to submit their content and make it easy to manage. Speaker management systems are available that enable you to establish submission requirements, collect relevant data, request form submissions and perform other essential tasks via automation. You’ll have the flexibility to make the procedure as simple or complex as necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Coordinating sessions and assets

Organizing multiple speaker sessions and the related details can be time-consuming, especially when performing the tasks manually. An automated management system can save valuable time by enabling you to make real-time scheduling updates. It can also help streamline responsibilities by allowing you to delegate action items to other team members and event stakeholders. You’ll be able to enhance your coordination efforts and maximize all available assets and resources.

Managing speakers’ files and content

The abstract review process is another area where speaker management systems can benefit your conference preparation and execution activities. You’ll be able to collect submissions and review content more efficiently while adhering to all applicable accreditation standards. You’ll also be able to centralize data and content in one convenient location.

Additionally, you’ll be able to offer more independence to your speakers. They can manage their own submission content, presentations, and forms remotely, removing some of the administrative burdens from your team.

Make speaker management easy with Attendee Interactive

Whether you need help managing keynote speakers or improving other aspects of your healthcare events, Attendee Interactive offers the best solutions. We provide an array of easy-to-use software products that empower you to manage speaker sessions and details in less time.

Our software enables you to create and collect data and content with unique, session-specific forms while allowing users to create and manage sessions. You can also direct presentations, build actionable reports and monitor speaker sessions in real time.

Attendee Interactive gives you the tools to manage event speakers and content faster and more efficiently than ever. Our advanced technology suite also allows you to streamline the conference planning process and optimize the experience for speakers and attendees.

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