Amy's AfterthoughtsNashville, need I say more!  Last spring, 3 months into my new position, I was tasked with the  assignment of putting together a user group meeting and was told “make it somewhere fun”.

Fun, where was fun?  A fun place that was travel friendly and where our clients would want to go. I already had the privilege of meeting many of our clients at the ACEHP meeting in January and knew if I could just get them there the meeting was already headed for success.

So of course we picked Nashville, what’s not to love! The music, the food, the sites and did I mention the music.  From the moment I left the airport I had already fallen in love with the city.  I loved the fact that I could walk everywhere from our hotel.  We wanted to give our clients a great feel of Nashville so in every part of the planning we made sure they would get a true Tennessee experience.  We discovered this delectable candy called a GOO GOO Cluster was made there.  It simply cannot be described other than pure deliciousness: chocolate, caramel, nuts.  Everyone, including our staff back home, loved them.  Spending two and a half days with the HM staff, away from the office was fantastic.  We tasted great bbq, found ourselves two step dancing, and even bringing a few cowboy and cowgirl hats back to Maryland.

The user group meeting itself was also a great experience.  The staff and client bonding was exceptional.  Everyone was so excited to see Tim and our project managers, Zora and Lorie.  However, as an added bonus our developers, James and Sterling, and IT director, Jason, also went.  The clients were thrilled to meet the “person” behind their site.  Throughout the day, the general session and small group sessions allowed our clients to network, share best practices, and have training on our system.  One of the biggest comments after the event was that we needed to make it longer next year.

So as we are approaching October, plans for the 2018 User Group are already in progress…. Where will we go next summer?  How can we top Nashville?  Those two questions seem to be our biggest dilemma.   Watch for exciting information for next years.

Check out highlights for our meeting in the video. We hope you will be joining us next year.   Bye Y’all!