What you need to know about OUR Financial Disclosure Options.

Our client, regardless of industry, finds great value with our financial disclosure feature to identify potential conflicts for speaker engagement.  Our Ai-Evolution and HighmarksCE Platforms offer an intuitive approach to proactively determine conflics and/or bias.

If your organization needs help collecting and disseminating this kind of information, whether it is your planning committee, submitters, reviewers, presenters, panelists, moderators, keynote speakes or any other presenting role, let us offer our expertise.  This isn’t new for us, we have many years of collecting this information, every time we think we’ve ‘seen it all’ a new client tosses another curve ball.  Fortunately, our two specialized question types, Disclosure and Confirmation Data Grid, will come to the rescue.  

WE can show your organization advanced and specific user case’s to consider.  We can offer a process for handle the varying disclosure collection needs.  Whether you need to collect: the type of financial relationship (e.g. Consultant, Stock Shareholder); the beneficiary of the relationship (self vs. spouse or partner); the value of the relationship; when the relationship occurs; or show past relationships; these question types have the data collection covered.

Our team of Project Manager’s & Programmer’s have literally created hundreds of Disclosure Forms over the years and are adept in helping clients translate their business requirements into an easy data collection and reporting solution.  If you need to have this disclosure information ‘reconfirmed’ in the days before your speakers take the stage, these questions types handle it.   As an added benefit, if you need a ‘Conflict of Interest Resolution’ process or need to collect ‘Perceived Bias’ from the participants, our extensive data collection options and reporting experience have your back.  So if you need help with managing disclosure data, rest assured the Ai-Evolution system is here to assist. 

Sample A

Image of Disclosure Sample 1


Sample B

Image of Disclosure Sample 2