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Exciting News from Attendee Interactive and Community Brands

Community Brands Expands Event Management Capabilities with Acquisition of Attendee Interactive


New capabilities complement recent acquisitions and make content and exhibitor management solutions available to a growing roster of event planning clients


April 2, 2019—ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software and payment solutions for associations, nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations, announced today that it has acquired Attendee Interactive, a Maryland-based company specializing in conference planning and event management. The acquisition adds complementary capabilities to the fast-growing Community Brands event technology portfolio.

 The integrated software and services offered by Attendee Interactive address several needs of conference planners and organizers. The company provides content solutions for managing event websites, speakers, session abstracts, and continuing education accreditation. These self-service tools are made available to both attendees and exhibitors, allowing event planners to maximize time, staff productivity, and budgets.

The company also provides software to help manage the logistical aspects of events. Capabilities offered include management of function requirements, space diaries, staff time and schedules, vendors, as well as the ability to easily create event function books. With the logistical aspects of a conference well managed, event organizers are free to focus more on meeting business and attendee experience goals.

“Event planners using our software are better able to address the increasing complexity and cost of live events,” shared J. Michael Tydings, President & Co-Founder of Attendee Interactive. “Easy-to-use solutions, smart integrations, and personalized support have all been at the heart of the customer success we’ve witnessed. The Community Brands and Attendee Interactive teams share that same vision, and we are delighted to now be part of the company. The breadth of event management capabilities at Community Brands is very compelling.”

This announcement accompanies the acquisitions of Core-apps and TripBuilder Media, announced by Community Brands last week. Core-apps and TripBuilder Media added capabilities for mobile event apps, attendee engagement, digital attendee wayfinding, and attendee tracking to the Community Brands event technology portfolio. Together with the capabilities of Attendee Interactive and the company’s existing event management solutions, the combined capabilities present one of the most comprehensive event technology offerings available.

“Managing an event is multifaceted, and event planners and organizers are looking for technology solutions that work well together to create greater efficiencies for staff and ultimately a more seamless and compelling experience for attendees,” shared Jean-Paul (JP) Guilbault, President and CEO of Community Brands. “Attendee Interactive is right on point with that approach, and I am excited about the new opportunities customers have to use this integrated set of solutions.”

Attendee Interactive has existing product integrations with both Core-apps and TripBuilder Media. As a part of the integration, speaker and session abstract data from Attendee Interactive is seamlessly integrated into the attendee touchpoints from Core-apps and TripBuilder Media. This integration saves conference planners valuable time and ensures that attendees are accessing the most up to date information about an event. In addition, onsite data gathered from Core-apps and TripBuilder Media can be made available in the online planner tool from Attendee Interactive, ensuring a two-way sync between attendees and planners.

Financial details of the transaction and its closing were not shared publicly.

Learn more about Community Brands and its Association Solutions, Nonprofit Solutions, K-12 Solutions, and Faith-based Solutions.

About Community Brands

Community Brands is the leading provider of cloud-based software and payment solutions to associations, nonprofits, K-12 schools and faith-based groups. Through innovation and technology, the company empowers more than 100,000 clients and partners to succeed faster, grow stronger and achieve social good. Organizations adopt Community Brands software to manage memberships, career centers, learning, accounting, mobile giving, peer-to-peer fundraising, donations, admissions, enrollments and events. Using these engagement platforms, customers of all sizes create meaningful and lasting experiences for their members, donors, volunteers and families. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, Community Brands serves the social good community in nearly 40 countries. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.  


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Community Brands

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Tue, 4/2/19
Attendee Interactive Best Places to Work

Exciting news for 2019 - We have been nominated as one of the best places to work!

Number of employees: 19.

What they do: Event planning and continuing education technology.

Why we like them: Unlike many software development companies, Attendee Interactive wasn’t founded by tech geeks——it was the brainchild of hospitality industry vets looking for a better way to manage the seemingly ever-growing demand for conference management software, despite shrinking manpower. Over 18 years, what started as simple event- and meeting planning software has grown into a suite of technology offerings including dynamic conference planning and e-learning initiatives. Best benefits: Work-life balance is more than just a career-day cliché here——employees can work from home one to two days a week, and during the summer, there’s an option to work longer shifts and enjoy three-day weekends every third week. The team gets nine paid holidays off, with extra days thrown in throughout the year as surprises. There’s also an employer 401k contribution and 100-percent remote workplace between Christmas and New Year’s. Perhaps the best perk? No last-minute scrambling to pack lunch, thanks to an office kitchen stocked with groceries for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Fri, 2/8/19
Dreaded Words

Is there a part of your day that you dread?  A meeting? A task? Maybe its just a few simple words said to you daily.  Well mine is one simple question asked every day “What’s for dinner?”  I dread this question and it is asked 7 days a week, without failure.  I would rather work 16-20 hours a day than have this question asked.


It usually starts around 1:30 – one of my teenage sons will text to see what we are having for dinner and like clock work the other one is usually 20 minutes behind.  AND then there is the dreaded “family text”, you know the one that was created to keep the family organized so that you all know what is going on – the one where everyone chimes in and has an opinion.  Well text #3, from my husband is usually sent in there.


About this time my heart starts pounding, I start sweating and I go into panic mode.  How can one simple question send me over the edge.  I know it’s coming, we have dinner every day, yet it is like ground hogs day, I just keep reliving the moment day after day.


It isn’t like I don’t like to cook, I love to cook, it is relaxing and I can easily channel my inner Julia Child.  But the thought of putting a menu together completely stresses me out.


I know, I hear you, just make a menu for the week.  Well Saturday morning rolls around and I get all panicky about going to the grocery store, I find myself easily distracted….  Did someone say Brunch?


Planning out 5 meals feels like torture as well as all the lunch food and breakfast food for my starving teenagers.  It just puts a knot in my stomach.  Why oh why could I not get two kids who felt that cereal was a great dinner option?  Instead the one thing they listened to as toddlers was “Eat your Vegetables”! 


When we rolled out the Conditional Logic feature here at work for our forms - I was like BINGO!  That is what I need – an easy, intuitive form that allows the whole family to fill what they would like for dinner.  Then based on their choices other options and questions will appear.  This would take a lot of pressure off of myself and I would be able to put a menu together based on their preferences. 


In the meantime, till I can develop this form or an app, I will continue my daily struggle of “What is for dinner” and my panicky trips to the grocery store….. or well maybe I will just go to Brunch!

Conditional Logic Tutorial

For more information and to register for our webinar CONTACT US.


Thu, 4/5/18