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CHANGES, The Scooby Doo Van and Software Technology

Our team has just returned from the ASAE Annual Event and I can not express enough how awesome my 3 days in Chicago were!  It was truly a great conference and the people we met were amazing.


One repeated comment we kept hearing was their fear of change.  Specifically meaning, change to their software systems, the fear of learning something new or having to do something else.  I completely understand – I have spent the past several weeks preparing for change as well


Let’s go back 2 weeks right before I was to fly out to ASAE for 3 days…

Picture my dining room filled with clothes, bedding, and every dorm room accessory one could possibly need.  When I returned from ASAE we would be moving my oldest to college for his Freshman year.   Now Picture in my driveway my 10 year old car, dying part by part!  Of course, my car is the family car, the car that is suppose to make the 600 mile trip to drop off my son at college.


As the car sat in the garage, I just could not be bothered with buying a new one.  I did not have time AND I just didn’t need more change and I most certainly did not have the patience to learn anything new at this time. (New cars = New Technology).  Please note, it is not that I loved my old car, it is what that car represented.  That car had stains and dents from the past 10 years, it told the story of the time it represented, a stage of my life I was headed out of.   My car was the car used for family vacations, the one we drove to countless baseball tournaments, to football games, it carried dirty cleats, stinky sports equipment, and teammates.  It was the carpool car where we transported friends to and from events, dances, and parties and where all good stories where told on the way home.


A new car meant a change!  This new car was going to represent what the CHANGE in my family was.  It was a car to transport my kids away from home – it represented the change and the next phase. 


As I climbed into the Uber to head out to ASAE, I informed my husband, “I don’t care what kind of car we get, we just need one to get Nolan to school, it can be the Scooby Doo Van for all I care – we just need a car”.


So while meeting all the wonderful people at ASAE and hearing about your fear of change, I could relate.  Your process is your process, your software system that you are using now is working just fine.  Your spreadsheets are yours.  They are comfortable to you, you have your filters set up and when you open them, you know your way around them.  Your systems are what you need to get your job done.  I completely get it.


But…maybe, something just a little newer, something that has a few more bells and whistles is worth looking at.  A system that is cleaner and has a more flexible interface and can make your event and education planning easier, just might be OK. 


Our technology platforms have stood the test of time.  We are leaders in the industry not just for technology but for customer service and client dedication.  Our goal is to make your event a success.


Let’s start the CHANGE today.  We are here to help you make a smooth transition to a new technology system that is worth Changing for!


For more information please feel free browse our website or contact me at to set up a time to discuss your event needs.


…Oh for those who are wondering…we DID NOT pull up to college move in day with the Scooby Doo Van .  The new car, with all the new bells and whistles,(which I am still learning) has already made one great road trip filled with special memories. 


Wed, 9/5/18