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Company Overview

For the past 16 years, Ai (Attendee Interactive), has been a leader in providing cutting edge conference management and CME accreditation software to clients worldwide. Much of our sweet success can be attributed to our clients and our employees. Our number one priority is to build partnerships with our clients to utilize better processes to create more manageable, appealing and usable content.

However, we didn't start out as geeks. We didn't develop a software, then look for an industry to apply it to. We started out in hospitality and trade show management. We identified a problem: shrinking conference management budgets and staff, with no similar reduction in conference size or scope. Then we developed software that we knew would address the problem. Our aim: Empower one conference manager to orchestrate a 20,000 attendee conference single-handedly. Ai's conference management software provides the rare combination of advanced functionality, flexibility to address unique requirements, and a complete data management package. We know the advanced capability of our software alone, is not sufficient. Our service and software support is unmatched in the industry.

Of course, a product can only be as good as the Team behind it, and we have the best team.  Comprised of over 100+ collective years in event planning, website design and project management our employees are the best in the business.