With over 20 years of experience, Attendee Interactive continues to be a premier conference management and CME accreditation software for clients worldwide. We empower event organizers to utilize better processes to create more manageable, appealing, and usable content. If you are struggling with managing your event content, and are searching for a system to meet your needs – trust our tips on abstract management made easy.

What is abstract management?

Abstract management is the process of receiving, accepting, preparing, and reviewing abstracts. Abstracts are considered a larger document, and they are primarily used in academic content (such as research papers). When several authors/speakers prepare their abstracts and submit them to a conference through an online channel, it is referred to as abstract submission.

With advances in technology, submitting and managing proposals or reviews his often completed via email. This can cause information overload and confusion for the recipient or recipients. Companies with small staff may struggle with having uncategorized information which can decrease team efficiency. When submitting via email there is no strict implementation of the deadlines your team would need. Plus, authors cannot send feedback or edit their abstracts and reviews when submitting and managing through email.

Additionally, the security around your information via email is very limited. Running submission via email allows anyone with an email to send information. This can lead to increased spam and malware, which can put your data and privacy at risk.

What is an abstract management system?

The process of abstract submission and management is where an abstract management system comes into play. Increasing efficiency, an abstract management system eliminates the manual sorting through hundreds of submissions. With a system you can collect, review content, and organize it to eventually accept in one location.

This enables all team members to stay organized and on the same page, which is the key to higher efficiency, hence an optimal use of resources. See the benefits listed below:

Effortlessly get your content:

  • Eliminate the manual process of reviewing session and abstract submissions.
  • Set requirements for event speakers/panelists during the submission process.
  • Easily spot and gather relevant submissions to deliver trending session content to your attendees.

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Improve security:

  • Increase privacy and utilize trusted people to access or share your data. According to Mimecast’s recent report 96% of all organizations were targeted by a phishing email attempt in 2021.
  • It is easy and straightforward to use if the user follows the instructions provided.

Customize your submission process:

  • Build a submission process that highlights all the specific criteria that are important to your organization.
  • Invite speakers to submit sessions and abstracts.
  • Set rules by submission types and create different requirements for each.
  • Add as many or as few requirements and fields as you want.
  • Link to required forms or documents.
  • Handle payments for any of your submissions.

Increase communication and collaboration

  • Publish a final agenda of accepted abstracts, and make event scheduling more convenient.

Optimize review:

  • Collaborate and stay organized with review features that delight reviewers and keep everything on track.
  • Assign different roles to reviewers based on submission type.
  • Give your reviewers access to their own portal where they can easily view and manage submissions.
  • Track the status of reviewers and send email reminders with a few clicks.
  • Automatically compile comments and calculate average scores, and give reviewers the ability to track their overall grading results.
  • Partner with a designated project manager who will work with you to assign users and category/types.

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Obtain feedback:

  • Throughout your process you can constantly learn from administrators and speakers while they complete their tasks which is something not available when using emails.
  • Increase motivation levels by seamlessly coordinating among and organizing committee, which leads to encouragement.

Maintain a searchable index of abstracts

  • Utilize the system for a searchable abstract archive, and make documentation and record-keeping far more efficient.

In the fast-paced world where wireless connections like 5G are available, organizations continue to adapt to world changes. By upgrading your submission management process, your event will surpass its success, and bring your organization into the future.

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