What Does George Carlin and Event Planners Have In Common?



George Carlin's classic standup routine about the importance of 'stuff' in our lives is such a funny take on how we value and manage our “stuff”. His skit talks about the funny importance of “stuff” and our relationship with “stuff”. So what does George Carlin and Event Planners have in common? Well, it is all about “stuff”, lots and lots of “stuff”. Okay, you get it, George gets us to laugh about “stuff” and no one can make this funnier than Carlin. But what about Event Planners and their “stuff”?

As for Event Planners, managing “stuff” is an important part of the event. Without “stuff”, how can an event even happen? How could you hear a speaker, see a presentation, find a seat, grab a morning cup of Joe? Without the Event Planner there would be no microphone, no flat screen, no chairs, or coffee stations.



3 Reasons For CME/CE Management Software



As technology has advanced, many industries have suffered and many have flourished. Those that have flourished know “adaptability” is one of the key driving forces to success in today’s ever changing world. Companies and industries have had to automate old processes and become more digitally competent to keep up with the times. Today, an online presence is almost necessary whether you’re in a B2C, B2B, or eLearning-based industry. There are over 50,000 courses in the online learning industry that offer CME and CE credits. Keeping track of the credits and making sure that these credits are accepted within certain accreditations has become one of the biggest challenges for online continuing education. For many years, uploading rosters manually by spreadsheets and claiming credits separately based off of Accreditation standards was the norm. However, today there are alternatives. These alternatives save associations, colleges, universities time and money when it comes to uploading enduring materials, claiming credits, and managing speakers and sessions.

With all of these alternatives, there’s now a need to manage all of these requirements within one location. CME/CE management software allows RSS coordinators or admins to manage all their CME/CE needs in one place. One company, HighMarksCE, has done this for several years now. They’ve taken their parent company’s (Attendee Interactive) software and customized it to help fit this industry’s need. They’ve also been able to find several other challenge areas with the eLearning and CE industry and have begun building solutions. Here are three reasons why CE/CME software may be a good investment for your association, university, or college:



Revised PCI DSS v3.1 Migration Plan


PCI DSS Compliant

Attendee Interactive (Ai) takes the security of our client's data very seriously. Our IT Department works diligently to ensure we keep abreast of new security requirements, threats, and best practices. In April 2015 the PCI Security Standards Council released requirements for organizations to meet the new PCI DSS v3.1 standards.

At the time, all organizations needed to meet this compliance requirement by June 30, 2016.  Ai created an implementation strategy and began those implementations in January 2016.  However, as Ai was implementing their strategy to be completed by June 2016, the PCI Security Standards Council made a decision to move the deadline date for PCI DSS v3.1 from June 30, 2016 to June 30, 2018.



Client Spotlight - OHBM

Client Spotlight OHBM

OHBM’s (Organization for Human Brain Mapping) Administrative and Meetings Coordinator, Anne Beauclaire, has been knee-deep in their Ai-Evolution system since October 2015, when the 2016 Call for Educational Courses, Scientific Programs, and Abstracts opened to the public. Three months and nearly 3,000 paid submissions later; Anne utilized the reviewer assignment process to engage a team of over 400 volunteers to peer review each Abstract. Using Ai’s Session Builder interface, the OHBM Program Committee began reviewing the results and building their entire educational program. During an intense 2-day meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the OHBM Program Committee analyzed the results, discussed and debated submission merits and ultimately finalized their educational program.

Only 2 days removed from the meeting in Puerto Rico, Anne sent out the Accept/Reject emails for all Abstract submissions, is nearly finished with the educational schedule, and has most conflicts resolved. Her next step is to begin the collection and curation of the next phase of content for the 60+ educational sessions and 2800+ abstracts. She will send First Authors e-Poster uploading instructions, Presenters disclosure and release forms, and track the inevitable barrage of speaker changes quickly and easily with a few mouse clicks. Oh, and let’s not forget the important print deadlines for program and abstract publications!


Even “Snowzilla” Won’t Slow Us Down

Blizzard Cartoon by Randy Bish

As I was driving on the Washington, D.C. beltway last Saturday, the parade of dump trucks full of snow was astonishing to see! It had been seven days since Winter Storm Jonas (a.k.a., Snowzilla) hit the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions and city crews were still struggling to manage the massive snowfall of 30+ inches. More than 13,000 flights were cancelled, schools and government offices remained closed up to 5 business days after the storm, and economic losses are estimated between $500 million and $3 billion.

While many businesses were inaccessible and closed for days after the storm, Attendee Interactive was open for regular business, thanks to the Internet, e-mail, instant messaging, cell phones, etc.  Ai’s “Severe Weather Policy” is pretty simple; when schools are closed, employees will telecommute.  Now, I will admit to the jealousy I felt towards my son and friends in my community who were able to celebrate a “Snow Day,” while I sat inside my house and focused on my everyday work responsibilities. However, it was refreshing to be able to stay on top of my tasks and respond to my clients in a timely fashion.

Cartoon by Randy Bish - Tribune Review

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