PCMACL Austin 2017

We enjoyed meeting everyone at PCMACL 2017. We are looking forward to next year!






Together We Can Make A Difference 

Ai & Ellicott City


This holiday season we are proud to partner with the Ellicott City Partnership to help with the reconstruction and rebuilding of our hometown old Ellicott City - Main Street.  Many Ai employees call Ellicott City home, we shop, dine and visit historic Ellicott City frequently. The store and restaurant owners on Main Street are our neighbors, friends and colleagues. This flood was a true tragedy for our community and we want to see our town as it was before the disaster so we can once again enjoy. 


On Saturday July 30, old Ellicott City was devastated by flood waters when six inches of rain fell in less than two hours, sweeping cars into the river and destroying buildings.  All residents along Main St were evacuated with nothing but the clothes on their backs, several have yet to be able to retrieve any possessions and none have been allowed to return home. Our businesses were hit even harder as the flash flood blew in storefront windows, then tore away walls and foundations while carrying way inventory, priceless works of art and years of hard work. The Ellicott City Partnership (ECP) is dedicated to restoring Old Ellicott City. 100% percent of your tax deductible donation will go directly toward supporting our community we continue the process of rebuilding. 


As you are preparing to make your Holiday Donations to a favorite charity or organization we ask that you consider giving to Ellicott City as well. For each kind donation you or your company make - Ai will match that donation.  For more information on the rebuilding and to make an online contribution please visit the Ellicott City Partnership



Please make a note in the comments section of your payment of:    

 ‘In  partnership with Attendee  Interactive’.

 Payable to:

 The Ellicott City Partnership

 PO Box 92

 Ellicott City, MD 21041


The Employees of Attendee Interactive thank you for your generosity during this Holiday Season!






An Important Notice to Clients Regarding Passwords and System Security:

As part of our continued efforts to secure our client data and maintain data security requirements, passwords will no longer be sent within any email communications. All future email communications will replace the password with a 'password reset' process.  A key driver of this change is ongoing compliance and security changes to maintain PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standards. PCI DSS compliance covers both credit card handling standards and personally identifiable information (PII) requirements. For detailed information regarding PCI DSS standards please visit www.pcicomplianceguide.org.

What does this mean for you?

Effective Sunday, November 27, any and all email communications using the 'AI_PWD' tag will insert a 'Reset Password' link instead of the email recipient's password. Additionally, all standard system features or email notifications, such as Forgot Password, Co-Author Notification Emails or Speaker Invitations, will follow this same replacement process.

Ai's top priority is to protect and secure client data, and we take PCI DSS compliance very seriously. Please contact your Project Manager should you have any questions or concerns regarding this new process.

How will the new process work?


1. Passwords with in Emails: The System has been updated to obscure passwords with in emails with "*******".  Standard communication emails will insert a 'Reset Password' link in place of the prior password.  See image.



2. Forgot Username: New functionality which can be exposed on sign in pages below the 'Forgot Password' option.  This functionality ONLY works with emails and thus can only be used if / when unique email is a constraint for the project.

* The standard separate areas are supported (Attendee, Speaker, Exhibitor, Vendor & Client). This functionality is disabled by default.  Contact your Project Manager to enable.



3. Reset Password:  New functionality from the administrative portion of the system. to send a 'password reset' email.  This option is available to all types (attendee/speaker, vendor, exhibitor & client) whom will or can sign into the system. See image.



4. New Password Requirements and default password rules when using the reset functionality :

  • Attendee/Speaker, Vendor, Exhibitor: 6-15 character long, 1 Upper case letter & 1 number.
  • Client: 8-15 characters long, 1 Upper case letter & 1 number
  • Users cannot repeat / use the same password as the current.  i.e. they must change it in some fashion.
  • Public Form Notification Emails, e.g.  Highmarks general 90-day assessments, will not contain a reset password link even if the notification email contains the AI_PWD tag.  
  • Email logs will contain the asterisk and 'reset password' link.
  • Reset Password links.
    • Are valid until the user updates the password or up to 90 minutes; whichever is 1st.
    • Are invalid for that browser session if the user enters an incorrect username/password combination 5 consecutive attempts in a row. They will be locked out for 10 minutes. 



What Does George Carlin and Event Planners Have In Common?



George Carlin's classic standup routine about the importance of 'stuff' in our lives is such a funny take on how we value and manage our “stuff”. His skit talks about the funny importance of “stuff” and our relationship with “stuff”. So what does George Carlin and Event Planners have in common? Well, it is all about “stuff”, lots and lots of “stuff”. Okay, you get it, George gets us to laugh about “stuff” and no one can make this funnier than Carlin. But what about Event Planners and their “stuff”?

As for Event Planners, managing “stuff” is an important part of the event. Without “stuff”, how can an event even happen? How could you hear a speaker, see a presentation, find a seat, grab a morning cup of Joe? Without the Event Planner there would be no microphone, no flat screen, no chairs, or coffee stations.



3 Reasons For CME/CE Management Software



As technology has advanced, many industries have suffered and many have flourished. Those that have flourished know “adaptability” is one of the key driving forces to success in today’s ever changing world. Companies and industries have had to automate old processes and become more digitally competent to keep up with the times. Today, an online presence is almost necessary whether you’re in a B2C, B2B, or eLearning-based industry. There are over 50,000 courses in the online learning industry that offer CME and CE credits. Keeping track of the credits and making sure that these credits are accepted within certain accreditations has become one of the biggest challenges for online continuing education. For many years, uploading rosters manually by spreadsheets and claiming credits separately based off of Accreditation standards was the norm. However, today there are alternatives. These alternatives save associations, colleges, universities time and money when it comes to uploading enduring materials, claiming credits, and managing speakers and sessions.

With all of these alternatives, there’s now a need to manage all of these requirements within one location. CME/CE management software allows RSS coordinators or admins to manage all their CME/CE needs in one place. One company, HighMarksCE, has done this for several years now. They’ve taken their parent company’s (Attendee Interactive) software and customized it to help fit this industry’s need. They’ve also been able to find several other challenge areas with the eLearning and CE industry and have begun building solutions. Here are three reasons why CE/CME software may be a good investment for your association, university, or college:


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