Even “Snowzilla” Won’t Slow Us Down

Blizzard Cartoon by Randy Bish

As I was driving on the Washington, D.C. beltway last Saturday, the parade of dump trucks full of snow was astonishing to see! It had been seven days since Winter Storm Jonas (a.k.a., Snowzilla) hit the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions and city crews were still struggling to manage the massive snowfall of 30+ inches. More than 13,000 flights were cancelled, schools and government offices remained closed up to 5 business days after the storm, and economic losses are estimated between $500 million and $3 billion.

While many businesses were inaccessible and closed for days after the storm, Attendee Interactive was open for regular business, thanks to the Internet, e-mail, instant messaging, cell phones, etc.  Ai’s “Severe Weather Policy” is pretty simple; when schools are closed, employees will telecommute.  Now, I will admit to the jealousy I felt towards my son and friends in my community who were able to celebrate a “Snow Day,” while I sat inside my house and focused on my everyday work responsibilities. However, it was refreshing to be able to stay on top of my tasks and respond to my clients in a timely fashion.

Cartoon by Randy Bish - Tribune Review


What Are You Doing For Others?

What are you doing for others?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” Here, at Attendee Interactive, we set out to answer this question through a few marketing initiatives. We wanted to know firsthand if our company is having a positive impact on our clients. The results were…well, much better than we anticipated!

Back in November, Attendee Interactive began one of its major initiatives in route to answering this question. We decided to join forces with a well-established review platform G2 Crowd, in which was written about in a previous blog. (Click here to read blog) This partnership was reached on the grounds that we (Attendee Interactive) would be open and transparent as a company to our future clientele and give our current clients an opportunity to voice their opinion about our products and services. The outcomes of this partnership have been outstanding! We’ve not only received excellent feedback, we’ve also been ranked as one of the leading event management platforms on G2 Crowd. (Click to read G2 Crowd Press Release) But, this was only one part of our quest to find out more about what our customers were saying about Attendee Interactive.

After seeing the G2 Crowd success, we decided to take our marketing research efforts even further. We wanted to get face-to-face with our clients to ask questions about Attendee Interactive’s products and services. We wanted to know how we were being viewed from another’s perspective. We as a Marketing department sat down and put together two questions that we wanted answered. They were as followed:


Ai’s New Help Sites - Connecting Users with Answers

Ai Help Site

New clients never fail to ask us the million-dollar question - “Is there a software manual for this?” For those who have worked for a SaaS company, you may be all too familiar with the overwhelming feeling of panic that comes over you when those words are spoken. While there are several benefits to using a SaaS platform versus pre-packaged software you install on a single operating system, there is a constant challenge to deliver help content for such a customizable and ever-changing application. Post-purchase publishing often doesn’t stack up to the first impression potential buyers develop from elaborate website demos, product brochures, and email campaigns.

In addition to providing a flawless experience for end-users, Ai is invested in making sure our customers are well equipped in the “help me help myself” phase of learning our product. We are happy to share the launch of our new Ai-Evolution and HighMarksCE help sites! Our documentation is guaranteed to make our users awesome:


A Step In The Right Direction

IAEE 2015

The New Year has arrived! This means smarter decisions about what we eat, how to save money, what to invest in, etc. This also marks a time to start new, form goals, and position ourselves for the upcoming year. For Attendee Interactive/HighMarksCE, the last month has been that time of preparation. Management has put together some goals and initiatives for the upcoming year to keep Attendee Interactive/HighMarksCE moving in the right direction. From an early look, the upcoming year looks to be a busy, but very productive one, starting with two conferences HighMarksCE (ACEhp Alliance Conference) and Attendee Interactive (PCMA Convening Leaders Conference) beginning this week. For those of us that may not actually be going to these shows or would rather read a quiet article from the comfort of their office, home, or mobile device, here’s what to look for from Attendee Interactive and HighMarksCE in the upcoming year.

For Attendee Interactive, it’s about continual growth, enhancing product development, and continuing to deliver the excellent customer service to our clients. Within Attendee Interactive, there will be two focuses this year for brand awareness and development. They include Ai Evolution and Ai Logistics. With Ai Evolution’s conference management software there are five main goals laid out by management that include:



Giving Back During The Holiday Season

Giving Back

During each holiday season, the Attendee Interactive (Ai) team supports a charity close to our hearts. The Ai team has supported organizations, such as Champions Against Cancer, Bello Machre, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Alzheimer’s Association, and more. This year, one of our newer Project Managers, Zora Dougherty, shared her passion for helping foster children through an organization called Comfort Cases (or www.facebook.com/comfortcases).

“Thousands of children in the Washington Metropolitan Region enter the foster-care system each year. Most carry little more than the clothes on their backs. Comfort Cases is bringing the comfort of home to their journey…” Comfort Cases mission is to provide a back pack or small suitcase filled with necessary hygiene items and a little something special for foster children to take to their new foster home. Comfort Cases also accepts monetary donations.

The photo to the left was taken by Kendra Smith, Director of Education and Training. Kendra was excited to donate horse themed items as an avid equestrian. “Every kid should be able to #Believe,” says Kendra. 

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