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Attendee Interactive and Allegra Unveil Online Portal for Poster Production

When Marriottsville, MD-based Attendee Interactive, a conference management software company, needed to give conference presenters a fast and convenient way to produce presentation posters, they teamed with Allegra Design · Marketing · Print in Rockville, MD to develop an integrated online “store” to do it. Result? Thousands of printed posters were seamlessly ordered, delivered and placed on-site for two major events – thousands of miles away from the East Coast companies.


According to Attendee Interactive President Michael Tydings, the company was tapped to manage conference posters by both the American Heart Association for a large event staged in Dallas and the America Stroke Association for a recent San Diego conference.  


“Using Attendee Interactive's ePoster solution enabled presenters to quickly and easily upload information, choose a poster size, assign a QR code and record narrative,” said Tydings. “By partnering with Allegra, we were also able to pre-print and ship posters en masse, eliminating the need for poster presenters to travel with or ship their own materials.”  


Because Allegra is part of an international network of marketing and print services providers, any on-site, last-minute changes or additional posters were quickly produced and delivered by a local affiliate.


Allegra CEO Darlene Lawver, President Doug Lawver and team have seen, time and again, the marriage between traditional printing and new digital technologies pay off for companies who want to build in more efficiencies while developing more relevant and on-demand content. 


“Associations and other businesses, especially those with multiple locations or branches, can empower their personnel to create localized business forms, brochures, proposals, signs and more through the same type of self-serve online portal,” said Darlene Lawver. “It allows a company to maintain control over branding, reduce waste and make a greater impact with personalized content.”


According to The American Heart Association “We are pleased to be in partnership with Attendee Interactive to provide one convenient website for uploading electronic posters and managing our printing needs through Allegra. The onsite team for Attendee Interactive did a wonderful job placing and distributing posters during our scientific sessions.”  Click here to see onsite photos



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