Attendee Interactive Streamlines The Building Of Educational Content For Conferences

Proposal submission and management of speakers are critical to how conference educational content is created.  Attendee Interactive clients are benefiting from our platform for the building of education content.     

 Here are some examples:

The National Kidney Foundation has a user-friendly, Responsive Web Design, abstract collection site for their 2015 Spring Clinical Meeting, #SCM15.  So far they have collected over 425 abstracts for this conference.

The American College of Radiology is using our Submission and Speaker Management solutions to build sessions and schedule speakers for #ACR2015.  Attendees can build itineraries from their mobile devices.

American Bar Association Section of International Law 2015 Spring Meeting introduced our online session management tool to assist speakers manage their personal content.

Pitney Bowes used our Submission & Abstract Solution for their 2014 MapInfo User Conference. In addition to collecting presentations, they utilized our Itinerary Planner which operates as Responsive Web Design.  Users could view the program grid, browse sessions and build their conference itineraries on any mobile device or tablet.   


Attendee Interactive Offers Responsive Web Design


Why Is Responsive Web Design Important? A decade ago everyone was viewing the Internet through the same boxy monitors. Now, traffic to websites comes from all sorts of devices: desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, big phones, little phones - you get the idea.


Since our product offering is managed through websites, we wanted our clients to have solutions that meet the demand of being on the move. By offering our clients Responsive Web Design (RWD), they have access to their data no matter what type of screen is being used. 

Attendees also benefit if your conference website has RWD. Why? Because they want their data now! These days, people expect to be able to access information from any type of device.  Because of this, RWD is the answer for your conference website.  With RWD, all content is scaled to fit, regardless of the device being used.  

Client Example Using Responsive Web Design:

The Society of Interventional Radiology now has a responsive conference website for their 40th Annual Scientific Meeting. This website delivers conference content to each user's device, platform, and screen size.

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