Itinerary Planner


Attendees want great experiences, fast results, and simplified applications to access real-time program information at a conference or event. The Ai-Evolution Itinerary Planner is the solution for event planners to fulfill all of these demands. The Itinerary Planner is a simple way to give attendees quick access to search and add abstract presentations and sessions of interest, download handouts and presentations, search and add exhibitors to visit in the exhibit hall, and schedule personal activities, all in one place. The Itinerary Planner is fully integrated with your program data to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry. The Itinerary Planner is also compatible with a number of industry apps and very mobile-friendly, allowing attendees to access information on-the-go with a seamless user experience. The Itinerary Planner not only creates efficiency for the event planner, but it also provides attendees with a great experience making them want to attend again next year!

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