Cardiovascular Research Foundation Case Study

Case study of how Attendee Interactive supplied conference management software to Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

Customer Profile

Every year, members of the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) join forces with the world's leading cardiologists to teach, share and discuss the latest techniques and developments at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) symposium. With over 11,000 attendees from across the globe, it once took years for their theories and practices to achieve currency in the medical community. TCT can now ensure the timely dissemination of this critical body of research and therapeutic practice.

The Challenges

The CRF conference staff works with at least a dozen vendors to help manage and coordinate the TCT symposium. All of these vendors need to be managed and provided with specific information about their symposium participation. When CRF approached Attendee Interactive their main goal was they wanted all of the vendors and conference staff to be able work from the same page and view what was being ordered. Everyone needed to work together since this symposium requires intensive AV and technology support.

In 2010, CRF decided they wanted the symposium to be a more attendee interactive experience and include QR codes on 1,200 scientific traditional posters. By doing this they felt that attendees would be able to fully absorb the information of these posters, since they would be able to scan the QR Code and download the information onto their handheld and tablet devices.

The Solutions

After conducting extensive client meetings, it was decided that the TCT symposium would be best served if they utilized Attendee Interactive's (Ai) Logistics Module. Ai was able to create a customized design so that all of the vendors involved could see what was being ordered and understand outstanding needs. The users were able to interface and ask any questions through the newly designed module, and conference staff could manage all the questions in one place. A timeline and deadline functionality was created to keep everyone on track. Everyone knew what was required and the vendors discussed amongst themselves how best to accomplish this on time and within budget.

Since 2007, CRF has utilized Ai's cost effective ePoster Module. In 2010, by utilizing the QR Code generator which is included in the module, they added QR codes to their traditional poster displays. The data shows that attendees downloaded the information over 250 times. Also, by utilizing this technology the CRF staff was able to identify the most popular posters.

The Benefits

By utilizing Ai's user-friendly Logistics Module the CRF staff was able to effecively communicate needs, deadlines and budget information with all of their vendors in one place. They could also effectively answer any questions that a vendor may have.

By enhancing their traditional posters with QR codes TCT attendees:

  • could quickly download poster information onto their electronic devices.
  • gained flexibility, as poster information can be downloaded anytime the posters are displayed during the conference.
  • could analyze and absorb poster information post-show (on the train, plane or in the office).
  • didn't feel rushed through the poster exhibit worrying about missing another session.
  • had correct contact and follow up information about poster displays.

According to CRF staff, attendees were thrilled to be able to have the posters downloaded onto their electronic devices.

Client Feedback

"Ai's responsiveness to CRF's needs was met. We enjoyed working with Ai to develop the system and fine tune the module so it could meet everyone's needs. They are professional and understand our requirements." - Fun Lee, CMP, Meetings Director, Cardiovascular Research Foundation

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