Executive Leadership of Attendee Interactive


J. Michael Tydings

President & Co-Founder

Michael Tydings is the President & Co-Founder of Attendee Interactive. Michael is responsible for long term corporate strategy and overall software enhancements. He also works in business development and marketing strategy. He frequently represents the company at industry events.

As an ambassador of the hotel and tradeshow management industry, Michael has built a reputation as a conference management expert in today's association landscape. He is an expert at developing logistic strategies for conference managers. He also develops and executes successful software platforms for a wide and diverse client base. At Attendee Interactive, he works closely with each department to ensure clients' success by providing the best combination of effective solutions and superior service.

Tim Lynott

Vice President & Co-Founder

Tim Lynott is the Vice President & Co-Founder of Attendee Interactive. Tim is primarily focused on building and strengthening the daily operations and marketing efforts of the company. Tim is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 18 years of marketing strategy and sales experience.

His past experience and commitment to customer service has been instrumental in creating a corporate culture and structure intended to allow Attendee Interactive to succeed at delivering the highest level of customer service. Tim works directly with clients managing projects and setting the standard which Attendee Interactive strives to achieve with each client. His philosophy on selling is simple: listen to what the client wants and then exceed their expectations.

Jason Daiger

Director of Technology Services

Jason Daiger is the Director of Technology Services at Attendee Interactive. Jason is responsible for steering and implementing the company's information technology vision. Jason has a Masters of Science in Computer Science and over 10 years of experience in information systems design, project management and application development.

Jason has a passion for software engineering. He believes software should include a user-centered design and holds a strong commitment to customer service. Jason has been instrumental in shaping our company's software and service offerings. His strong belief in building usable and accessible websites allowed Attendee Interactive to bring one of the first fully Section-508 compliant websites to the trade show industry.

Terri Parris


Terri Parris is the Controller at Attendee Interactive. Terri is a certified public accountant (CPA) and has over 20 years of practical accounting and finance experience. She oversees the company's daily financial transactions and planning.

Terri has considerable experience in strategic planning, total quality management, budgeting, and cost savings. She received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Accounting from the University of Maryland.

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